Django team seeks help maintaining Oracle and Oracle GIS backends

Posted by Tim Graham on August 17, 2015

Several members of the Django team that have previously provided Oracle expertise no longer work with Oracle in their day jobs, and therefore, the team is seeking new contributors who have an ongoing interest in the backend.

Ideally, the team seeks to move the Oracle backend from "built-in" status, to a pip-installable backend that would be maintained under the "django" GitHub account. Your duties would include monitoring a build that runs with Django master and the latest version of the Oracle backend and fixing any issues that arise. To help with the continuous integration infrastructure, knowledge of maintaining Oracle servers would also be a plus, but these duties could be split among several people. Please introduce yourself on the django-developers mailing list if this is something you are interested in.

Also, the Oracle GIS backend has been broken for several months and no one has answered requests for help on the django-developers and geodjango mailing lists. If no one helps out, this backend will be dropped in Django 1.9. This is the least used backend according to the Django Developers Community Survey, receiving 5 votes out of more than 3,000 responses.

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