Announcing Two Django Sprints in Europe

Posted by Mikey Ariel, Ola Sitarska, Baptiste Mispelon on February 3, 2015

With all the New Year’s resolutions still fresh in your minds, it’s a good time to announce two opportunities that can get you started with contributing to open source this year. Django Sprints!

Django Sprint in London, UK

Django Sprint London organizers are pleased to welcome everyone willing to spend a day working on open source on 21st and 22nd March 2015. The sprint itself is hosted by Potato, a UK based agency who build complex and scalable web apps, in their HQ on Tottenham Court Rd.

While the event is free, organizers kindly ask that you register at their website — it will help them prepare the right amount of food and drinks. And don't forget to bring your laptop!

More details available at

Django Sprint in Brno, Czech Republic

On February 8th, following the tradition set forth at the first Django Girls workshop at EuroPython 2014, the organizers of would like to invite all our newly-inducted Django Girls to sprint, hack, fix, and enhance their new Django web apps, the Django Girls tutorial, the organizer manual, and so on.

The invitation extends to other Python and Django contributors who are also welcome to join the fun, get together and hack at their Python or Django project tasks, fix bugs, discuss the future of the galaxy, as well as assist and support the workshop graduates.

More details available at

Why Sprinting?

Django Sprints are a perfect opportunity to give back to the community, learn something new, meet fellow developers and finally squash those Django bugs that have been bothering you for a long time.

If you have never contributed to Django, don't worry, this is also great occasion to start! Developers of all skill levels are welcome, even those who are just starting to learn. There will be mentors available to help you get started and submit your first (or yet another) patch during the day.

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