Presenting DjangoCon Europe 2017

Posted by Emanuela Dal Mas, Iacopo Spalletti, Daniele Procida on December 4, 2016

2017’s DjangoCon Europe takes place against the gorgeous backdrop of Florence in the springtime. Once again the event will be organised by a local committee of volunteers on behalf of the global Django community.

The event will be held in the historic Odeon Cinema in the centre of the city. It’s an architectural gem, an Art Deco interior in a Renaissance palace.

Key points

Ticket sales are now open. Early-bird rates are available until the 17th January.

The call for proposals is open too, until the 31st December.

Generous financial assistance packages are offered, to help ensure that everyone who will benefit has the opportunity to attend.

The conference can even offer discounted public transport passes (see the tickets page) valid for the duration of the event, to help you get around the city.

The call for proposals

The programme of talks will represent the vibrant diversity of interests and endeavours across the Django community, including some that you had not only never heard of, but would not have imagined. The speaker roster will also feature some of the best-known names in the world of Django. There’ll be talks from those who are leading its development into the future, and about its deepest internals - discussions on the highest technical level.

The organisers invite proposals from all. Whatever your level of technical or speaking experience, you are invited to share what you know or have done with Django with your friends and colleagues in the community.

Both the speaker line-up and the selection of talks will be curated to offer a wide and representative balance, so the platform created by DjangoCon Europe 2017 will have room for everyone.

And just in case five days in Florence are not enough, PyCon Italia immediately follows DjangoCon Europe. You’re invited to submit your talk proposal to PyCon Italia too, in the same process, by ticking a single box on the form.

The ambitions of DjangoCon Europe 2017

The conference

Each successive DjangoCon Europe has advanced new ideas about how a conference should be run and has set new standards for itself. Just measuring up to past editions is challenge enough, but the organisers of 2017’s event have ambitions for it of their own, that also extend beyond this gathering of nearly 400 Djangonauts.

The Italian context

The organisers consider DjangoCon Europe 2017 an opportunity for the whole Italian Django community to use it as a launching pad for future organisation, development and activity, so that it makes a tangible and material difference to the open-source software community and industry in Italy.

The social context

The organisers want the event to harness the energy, know-how and organisation skills in the community, and put them to work in local organisations that work to advance social inclusion, in particular, amongst women from immigrant communities, who are disproportionately marginalised and excluded socially, technologically, economically and educationally.

Responsibility and sustainability

The Django community has always generally been conscious that its technology exists in a social context and not a vacuum.

The overall themes of this DjangoCon Europe are responsibility and sustainability: responsibility to others in our industry and of our industry’s responsibility to the wider world, and the sustainability - economic, personal and social - of the industry itself.

The conference invites its attendees to participate in these discussions, and to consider how our technology’s long-term viability depends on them as much as it does on the technical brilliance of its technologists.

A Django festival of ideas and collaboration

These are ambitions and aspirations. Their vehicle will be the international festival of community that each DjangoCon Europe represents, and reinvests with new energy each year. The organisers give you Florence in the springtime, a magnificent capital of history, culture, beauty and food, and the perfect foundation for building the future with Django.

Don’t miss it.

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