DSF Code of Conduct committee releases transparent documentation

Posted by Ola Sitarska & DSF Code of Conduct committee on July 19, 2016

Almost exactly three years ago Django community adopted a Code of Conduct, we were one of the first communities to do so in the tech industry. Since then, we have come a long way and learned about how to effectively enforce the Code of Conduct.

Today we're proud to open source the documentation that describes how the Django Code of Conduct committee enforces our Code of Conduct. This documentation covers the structure of Code of Conduct committee membership, the process of handling Code of Conduct violations, our decision making process, record keeping, and transparency.

In addition, we're also publishing summarized statistics about Code of Conduct issues handled by the committee thus far. We're hoping this is just the beginning of making our work more transparent to the wider community.

We believe this documentation will help keep ourselves accountable to the Django community, as well as offer an insight into how decisions are made and issues are dealt with. We also hope that sharing our experiences is going to help other communities to not only adopt, but also implement and enforce the Code of Conduct.

The DSF Code of Conduct committee looks forward to your feedback and contributions!

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