Please help fund Django REST Framework development

Posted by Tom Christie & Jacob Kaplan-Moss on June 22, 2016

[APIs are an increasingly important part of modern web development, and Django REST Framework makes them super-easy to develop. I know I've found it a super-useful part of my Django toolkit. Tom Christie, the lead developer of Django REST Framework, is looking to continue development of Django REST Framework as a full-time job, and to do so he needs our help. I hope you'll consider supporting the project. Now, here's Tom to tell you more: -JKM]

Earlier this month I left regular employment, in order to focus completely on the continued development of Django REST framework.

In order to make this possible I've launched a funding drive, with the aim of providing a full-time salary. With a number of sponsors already signed up, the campaign is currently over one-third of the way towards its goal.

I believe that this is a great opportunity for companies using Django REST framework to help push the Django ecosystem forward. A fully-funded development role would make a major impact on the project, and allow us to rapidly increase the pace of feature development, documentation improvements, and maintenance work.

I would urge any companies that use and rely on Django REST framework to sign up for one of the plans, and help secure the project's ongoing success.

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