Django is March beneficiary of the new Unixstickers donation program

Posted by Adrienne Lowe and Unixstickers on March 9, 2016

We're excited to announce that Django is this month's beneficiary for the Unixstickers donation program!

Last month Unixstickers (an e-commerce provider of programming and open source merchandise) announced an important initiative: they will donate a significant part of their revenues to free software and open source organizations as well as provide a live and transparent report on where the donations are going.

Django has been selected by the Unixstickers team as the organization of the month, to which they will donate a significant part of their revenues. This means that during March, sales of every product that doesn’t refer to a specific project will help raise money for the Django Software Foundation. You can see a detailed live report.

Moreover, Unixstickers will always support us through the sale of the Django stickers and pins available on their website.

Django is an outstanding project and it’s truly giving a lot back to the open source community worldwide. As developers, we perfectly understand what it means to develop and maintain a project like Django and we are well aware of the importance and reputation that Django is gaining on the global scenario of software development. Today many companies are built around the Django framework and we are sure that this means progress, new job opportunities and - hopefully - well written software :-) All in all, our choice has been a very easy one. We are proud of contributing to their activity and I’m sure that our customers will be more than happy with this choice, too. –Stefano Di Luca, Director of Unixstickers

We appreciate Unixstickers' generosity and willingness to support Django. They were a recent backer of the first Django Girls NYC. Through their new "organization of the month" initiative, we believe they'll be able to reach many other deserving projects in the future.

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