PGConf US 2016 - free tickets for Django community members

Posted by Daniele Procida on March 16, 2016

The organisers of PGConf US 2016, the biggest Postgres conference in the world, have offered five full conference tickets worth US$439.00 each to the Django community.

This year's event will be held in New York City from the 18-20th April at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott. The organisers expect at least 500 PostgreSQL community members, and have invited a number of community projects to be represented with a table in the exhibition hall.

The tickets on offer include access to the conference party on the 19th.

If you'd like to attend PGConf US as a representative of our community, please complete the form and tell us why you'd like to go.

As a representative of the Django community, you'll be expected to help staff the Django booth, talk to visitors and so on.

If you need some financial support in order to attend, the DSF may be able to provide a small travel bursary. See the form for details.

The tickets are on offer to the entire Django community. You don't need to be a DSF member or an active developer of Django. If you'd like to take part in the event, don't hesitate to apply for one.

Time is of the essence so applications will close at the end of Wednesday 23rd March (UTC).

We're grateful to PGConf US for this opportunity.

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