2018 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize awarded to Kojo Idrissa

Posted by Frank Wiles on March 19, 2019

The Board of the Django Software Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2018 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize has been awarded to Kojo Idrissa.

Kojo has been active in the Django community since at least 2015, if not earlier. He's been a DjangoCon US organizer since 2016, former DEFNA board member, and current DEFNA North American Ambassador.

Kojo has hosted an orientation for first-time DjangoCon US attendees for the last several years, which could not be a better example of Malcolm's friendly spirit to new users.

Ken Whitesell, who nominated Kojo, also noted many Kojo's other contributions:

Kojo is a very active member of the weekly CodeNewbie chats. Hosts the DjangoCon new-user orientation session. Very visible presence at DjangoCon, always seems to be focused on ensuring first time attendees have the best possible experience.

The other nominees this year were:

Every year we receive many nominations and it's always hard to pick the winner. In fact, some have been nominated in multiple years. Malcolm would be very proud of the legacy he has fostered in our community!

Congratulations Kojo on the well deserved honor!

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