DjangoCon Europe 2020 goes virtual

Posted by Miguel Magalhaes, DjangoCon Europe 2020 organizers, Markus Holtermann on June 17, 2020

These have been difficult times, we hoped for better news, but as time goes by it seems unlikely they will come. Airline companies all around are struggling, there are several border controls in place, and big events are restricted until further notice. As an example, in Portugal all festivals have been canceled until the 30th of September; other smaller events can follow or keep severe distancing rules which drastically reduces the maximum number of possible attendees. Long story short, the current schedule is no longer viable. More information regarding the tickets and sponsors policy on our website.

Now for some good news, DSF allowed us to keep the conference in Porto for another year, so we will host DjangoCon Europe 2021 with as much enthusiasm as we had for this year. Nevertheless, since no one wants to go one year without DjangoCon Europe, we will have the very first Virtual DjangoCon Europe ever, open for everyone free of charge. This will allow us (Django Community) to have some of the needed interaction, while keeping everybody safe.

The virtual conference will take place on September 18-19 (Friday and Saturday). Moreover, in terms of content, the available talk submissions will be evaluated and ranked. Afterwards, the selected speakers will be invited for the new format.

We will be very happy to have you in this year’s virtual conference, but we also hope to see you at Porto next year!

Thank you all for your patience and support,

The 2020 DjangoCon Europe Organization Team

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