Django 5.x Steering Council Candidate Registration

Posted by Katie McLaughlin on April 22, 2023

With the completion of the Django 4.x major release cycle and in accordance with DEP-0010 and DEP-0012, it is now time to collect candidates for the Django Steering Council.

Steering council candidates must demonstrate:

To register your candidacy, we require you to enter your name, email, and a bio/evidence of qualifications. The candidacy form has optional fields for your GitHub, Twitter, and website which can be useful for evaluating your qualifications.

Your email address will only be used by the DSF to contact you related to the election and process and will not be shared publicly.

Registration for Candidates will end on April 30th, 2023 AoE.

Please register using this form.

If you have questions about the election please contact

Please note: A previous version of this post used the term "Technical Board" with the candidacy requirements in DEP-0010. It has since been updated to reflect the requirements in DEP-0012, which updates DEP-0010. Additional time has been added to the candidacy nomination window to compensate.

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