DjangoCon Europe 2025 Call for Proposals

Posted by Chaim Kirby on January 15, 2024

DjangoCon Europe 2024 will be held June 5th-9th in Vigo, Spain but we're already looking ahead to the 2025 conference. Could your town - or your football stadium, circus tent, private island or city hall - host this wonderful community event?

Hosting a DjangoCon is an ambitious undertaking. It's hard work, but each year it has been successfully run by a team of community volunteers, not all of whom have had previous experience - more important is enthusiasm, organizational skills, the ability to plan and manage budgets, time and people - and plenty of time to invest in the project.

How to apply

We've set up a working group of previous DjangoCon Europe organizers that you can reach out to with questions about organizing and running a DjangoCon Europe. There will also be an informational session set up towards the end of January or early February for interested organizers. Please email the working group to express interest in participating.

In order to give people the chance to go to many different conferences DjangoCon Europe should be held between January 5 and April 15 2025. Please read the licensing agreement the selected organizers will need to sign for the specific requirements around hosting a DjangoCon Europe

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you. This year we are going to do rolling reviews of applications, in order to hopefully give more time and certainty to the selected proposal to start planning. The board will begin evaluating proposals on February 20th. The selection will be made at any time between February 20th and May 31st. The DSF Board will communicate when a selection has been made and the application process is complete. IF you are interested in organizing it is in your best interest to get a good proposal in early.

Following the established tradition, the selected hosts will be publicly announced at this year's DjangoCon Europe by the current organizers.

The more detailed and complete your proposal, the better. Things you should consider, and that we'd like to know about, are:

We'd like to see:

Email your proposals to We look forward to reviewing great proposals that continue the excellence the whole community associates with DjangoCon Europe. Back to Top